The “Stichting Europäisches Bildungswerk” (Stichting EB) was founded in 1992 as Dutch legal entity with the intention to realise a European co-operative community of institutes for vocational education and training (VET institutes) and adult education as a foundation under Dutch law.

In Mai 2015 "Euregio-Berufsbildung/Verein zur Förderung euregionaler Berufsbildung in der Euregio Maas-Rhein e.V." (Euregio-Berufsbilding e.V.) (EB e.V.) was founded as a German legal entity with the same intention and goals as a foundation under German law.

Partners and participants in this community are the VET-institutes ROC Leeuwenborgh (the Netherlands), ZAWM (Belgium), BK Herzogenrath (Germany) and BK Eschweiler (Germany) as well as engineers, technicians, students, craftsmen, teachers and scientists from the Euregion Meuse Rhine.

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