Dutch as modern foreign language

During this projects German students ( Health Care and Physiotherapy) have acquired knowledge of the Dutch Language on level A2 (Common European Framework for languages).


Stichting Europese Beroepsopleidingen (EB-Stichting), Stolberg, Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium (contractor)
Bethlehem Hospital, Stolberg, Germany
ROC Leeuwenborgh, Maastricht and Sittard-Geleen, the Netherlands
Taaluniecentrum, Brussels, Belgium
In the period 2008 until 2012 Stichting Europäisches Bildungswerk (EB-Stichting) has realized several courses Dutch as modern foreign language for the students in the educations of Physiotherapie and Health Care of the Bethlehem Hospital of the city Stolberg, Germany.

Many students of both courses have followed the Dutch course from no skills of the Dutch language through the level A1 to the level A2 of the Common European Framework of Languages (CEF).

Financial support for this project was given by and the examinations were performed by Taaluniecentrum, Brussels, Belgium.