eVET project: 7th meeting in Rome 1st of July to the 2nd of July 2019

From the 1st of July to the 2nd of July 2019, the 7th and last meeting of the Erasmus + project”eVET” took place in Rome.

The hosts were the partners of the Università degli Studi Guglielma Marconi in Rome.
The first day was for the individual partners who reported on the dissemination and publication of the project in their regions.

The eVET portal is planned for this, in which the most diverse participants can register. The presentation about the eVET project including the registration took place at vocational schools, universities, craft chambers and companies and was carried out by the respective partners involved in the project.
At least 100 participants are to be registered by the Turkish partners in the eVET portal by the end of September 2019, at least 50 from the Italian partners and at least 50 from the EB e.V. in Germany and 30 from the neighboring region of Belgium and the Netherlands.
These will serve as multipliers for this project in the future.
The registration can be done individually or institutionally with the PIC number. The portal explains in different languages ​​the procedure as described e.g. offering a course, or a stay abroad, another use of the portal is how to learn what is offered in Europe for courses, lessons, lectures, or other events. The portal indicates in which country and place something takes place, in what time period, which age group is planned and which qualifications (EQF) must be available. If you are interested, you can then contact the appropriate vocational school, the company or any other specified institution, which has also specified the appropriate contact person.
With this contact you can contact without obligation and clarify all questions and get corresponding information.

For information on how to get about the eVET project in general and working in the portal in a very specific case, here are the links: