The foundations “Stichting Europese Beroepsopleidingen” (Stichting EB) and ” Euregio-Berufsbildung e.V.”(EB e.V.) are strategic networks of institutes for Vocational Education and Training Training and Adult Education in the Netherlands, Germany and Belgium for international cooperation within the Euregion Meuse Rhine.

We are part of a global society in which a great variety of nationalities and cultures are living together especially in this Euregion of 3 countries with 3 languages and 5 different cultures.
The international mobility of workers is increasing rapidly>. Therefore we feel that a clear international dimension should be present in all parts of vocational training and adult education: in the curricula and learning programmes of our students, in our staff development programmes and in our innovation plans. We want to strengthen the international activities of the Stichting EB and EB e.V. members through the use of the highest quality standards. We support the members of our network through joint training programmes for our international coordinators and through joint international projects.

For organisations from other countries the foundation ” Stichting EB” or ” EB e.V.” wants to be a first choice partner of the highest value.

Areas of education and training

  • Adult education
  • Business & Trade studies
  • Health care
  • Personnel & Social services
  • Catering and Tourism
  • Sport and Leisure
  • Technology
  • Aviation Maintenance
  • Security
  • IT studies