Macedonia Project

The Foundation “ Stichting Europäisches Bildungswerk” has organized a project within the framework of the Leonardo da Vinci program (VETPRO project), call 2013, with the VET school in Kocani, Republik of Macedonia from 29.03.2014 – 05.04.2014. The titel of the project is:“Exchange of experiences to better vocational education in mechanical and electrical Engineering”.

Project themes and main objectives of this mobility project were:

The interaction among the partners will provide the group with a possibility for transfer of knowledge how related to the following topics:

  • Their work as technical/mechanical engineering;
  • Their teaching methodology of the involved teachers;
  • Theoretical knowledge in practical work;
  • Integration processes;
  • Motivation for successful and practical results.

For this , the 8 Macedonian teachers have visited the following schools and institutions:

  • Berufskolleg Eschweiler, Germany (Educational System of Germany);
  • ROC Leeuwenborgh in Maastricht, the Netherlands (the Dutch VET-System);
  • Aviation Competence Centre at the Maastricht-Aachen Airport;
  • TRACK in Düren, Germany (Practical training in a Institution from the Chamber of Crafts)
  • Arcus College in Heerlen, the Netherlands (Automotiv).

This project is organized and managed by the host organization the foundation “ Stichting Europäische Bildungswerk” in the Euregion Meuse – Rhine.