Study trip to various institutes in Lahti, Hämeenlinna and Helsinki (Finland) kopie

  1. From 2 to 6 October 2017, 15 managers, consultants and health care experts from the Euregio Meuse-Rhine have undertaken a study trip to various institutes in Lahti, Hämeenlinna and Helsinki (Finland). The Erasmus + study vist . It was organized by Stichting EB and focused on reducing early school leaving (drop-outs). In May 2017, another 15 experts participated in a study trip to Valencia, with the same theme. Different knowledge was gained on the approach to this problem in VET.
  2. 2. As a project partner, Stichting EB participated in the opening event of the Erasmus + partner project “eVET” from 24 to 26 January 2018 in Istanbul. The coordinator of this project is the Government of Istanbul. Besides EB Stichting there are other partners: a university from Rome, a lycée from Istanbul, and two other universities from Istanbul. The project’s goal is to encourage young people in vocational education and training to implement part of the curriculum abroad.
  3. 3. At the two-day final conference (16 and 17 January 2018) of the Erasmus + Stradrops mobility project in Hasselt, Belgium, 40 people from the region Euregio Meuse-Rhine participated. In addition to an analysis of the two study trips to Finland and Spain, the partner institutes presented presentations of their own activities and instruments on how to deal with drop-outs in their institutes. In addition, lectures were given by euregional institutions and institutions that also deal intensively with this topic.
    It was also informed about the results of the project Erasmus + “Emotion to Motion” (development of skills for the promotion of emotional intelligence, promotion of youth work ability).