Vocational orientation days at the Berufskolleg in Eschweiler (Germany)

A part of two project-days at the Berufskolleg Eschweiler on 26.09. and 27.09.2019 carried out the vocational orientation days.

All students from the college were invited to participate. Various companies and public institutions had the opportunity to present themselves and to explain information about education and training in their facilities.
EB e.V. had also the opportunity to present itself with the Erasmus + project “eVET” (www.evetproject.eu).

18 students and 3 teachers came to inform themselves about the eVET platform (www.evetplatform.eu) . Afterwards everyone was ready to register in this platform.

At the end of the event, an evaluation form was completed by each student. The result was an average positive result for the platform.