Chairman Karl Winkels says goodbye to Stichting EB and EB e.V. after 30 years.

In June 1992, on the initiative of Karl Winkels, the Dutch legal entity "Stichting Europese Beroepsopleidingen (EB)" was established with the aim of intensive cooperation within vocational education within the Euregio Meuse-Rhine. Since then, many cross-border projects, exchanges, seminars, workshops and other activities have been realized under his inspiring leadership. Outside the Euregion, the EB Foundation was also active in many European projects. In 2015, the German legal entity "Euregio Berufbildung e.V. (EB eV)" was established with the same mission and goals as "Stichting EB". After more than 30 years, Karl said goodbye to his hobbyhorse EB for personal reasons during the final meeting of the partnership project "Intelligent Euregional Emotional Exchanges" (IE³)" (15 March 2023 in Hasselt, Belgium). We are losing in Karl an eventful, idealistic president. Thank you, Karl, for all your efforts and what you have done for the EB/EB eV Foundation. As a lasting memory of EB, Karl was offered a work of art entitled "Connectedness".