Erasmus + Partnership Project “Online Vocational Education and Training Platform” (eVET

From 24 to 26 January 2018, the kick-off meeting of the Erasmus + partnership project eVET took place in Istanbul. This project aims to create an online platform to motivate young people in their vocational training to realize part of their education abroad.
This project was requested by the Government of Istanbul (Governorship of Instanbul, GOI) at the National Agency and we were co-ordinated by GOI for 2 years.
Partners in this project are:
• Bogazizi Universitesi, Istanbul Turkey
• Università Degli Studi Guglielmo Marconi Telematica, Rome Italy
• Ortakoy Zubeyde Hanim Mesleki and Technology Anadolu Lisesi, Istanbul Turkey
• Euregio VET e.V. (EB e.V.)
For more information, see the project summary.

SUMMARY Erasmus+ Partnership Project

Education and training help foster knowledge-based economic growth, enhance productivity, contribute to people’s personal and social development, and reduce social inequalities. (Council 2009).Therefore, efficient investment in human capital through education and training systems is not a choice anymore. It is an essential component of the EU in increasing the employment rate of the population aged 20-64 from the current 69% to at least 75%. (EU 2020). The success of Europe’s strategy for 2020 depends on enhancing labour supply, skills and competences that promote productivity and employability (Decisions 2015). Acquiring right skills of the jobs is a necessity in today’s fast-paced world where competition for employment is intensifying. Because people with low levels of or no qualification are nearly three times more likely to be unemployed than those with high qualifications. Vocational education and training (VET) students need to have diverse vocational skills and competence, complete continuous renewal of competencies enterprises require to find a place in the labor force. Vocational education and training has a great deal of potential for better skills, growth and jobs (Commission 2012)

Erasmus+ is making a major contribution to helping address these key challenges that Europeans are facing. Under the Key Action 1, it provides educational opportunities for organizations to send VET learners to benefit from training, and for staff to receive or give trainings. These trainings lead to boosting their skills and employability. Organizations wanting to take part in these opportunities can apply as an individual vocational education organization. In addition to that, it can also apply as part of a national mobility consortium. A learning mobility activity of individuals (VET learners and staff)