3rd meeting Intelligent Emotional Exchanges (IE³)

On 30th March 2022 the IE3 partners met for the 3rd time. This time in Heerlen (The Netherlands) where the regional Training Centre VISTA college was the receiving partner. This meeting was dedicated to the exchange of information about the progress that has been made with regard to the implementation of emotional intelligence in the curriculum and/or student guidance strategies and the progress in train-the-trainer trajectories. Furthermore, an interesting tour was provided at location VISTA college Valkenburgerweg in Heerlen. Beautiful building, lots of light, large spaces and very well equiped practice rooms. René Esser of Käthe Kollwitz Schule Bk (Aachen, Germany) gave a presentation about his work as a supervisor and counselor at his institute.

In interactive sessions, the partners presented their progress in the aforementioned areas: various strategies for approaching colleagues inside and outside their own institute, top-down and bottom-up, setting up special spaces, plenary information through presentations during teacher meetings, educational cafés, ‘Hydepark corner’ constructions and pitches. Hast Hasselt was even able to report that Emotional Intelligence will have a fixed, so structural, place in a curriculum of general subjects. Well done! In short, a range of possibilities for internal and external dissemination.
Finally, under the leadership of Andrej Juričko of our Slovenian partner STEP, implementation strategies were discussed.

The day ended with a joint social dinner. We look back on a very successful and informative meeting.