4th meeting Intelligent Emotional Exchanges (IE³)

During this meeting, the participating institutes informed each other about current progress in the implementation of train-the-trainer trajectories and dissemination before the project will be closed in the final meeting on 15 March 2023.

All partners were able to report remarkable progress ranging from

– concretely developed teaching modules in written form

– manuals for teachers/supervisors who will incorporate emotional intelligence into their curriculum,

– rooms specifically set up for emotional intelligence training to conducted successfully

– implementation into the curriculum, established over a 2-year period,

– involving external partners in introducing emotional intelligence into their curriculum.

Many positive results, useful and applicable for participating partners and external parties, were made in this meeting.Fixed part during the meetings are the tour in the host school and a workshop, strongly related to the applicability of emotional intelligence.

During the tour, the practical classrooms were visited and the strong collaboration with partners in industry and commerce was emphasized.

Monika Endner conducted the workshop “Knowing and feeling what is really important to us: a training in treating oneself and others with understanding and empathy,” in which many practical exercises were provided.

We thank all partners for a very valuable and inspiring day.