Study visit to Valencia

After a first information meeting in April 2017, 15 teachers, counselors and vocational teachers visited in May 2017 the Valencia region in the framework of the Erasmus + project “Reduction of Drop -out rates in VET”.
Experts from the Euregio Maas Rijn (Germany, the Netherlands and Belgium) have visited various vocational training courses in Spain and discussed with Spanish colleagues on early school leaving and taking note of the methods and activities used in the Valencia region to reduce the number of dropouts . Information was also obtained from local authorities to see how potential dropouts are captured and guided and returned to training.
The participants in the study trip talked to each other a lot and shared their own activities and methods for reducing early school leaving. The group will still meet and present good practices from their own situation and share with each other.
This project is coordinated by EB e.V. .
In the autumn another group will be visited at Lahti partner in Finland.