Leonardo da Vinci Partnership project call 2011 “Euregionale Kooperation in der Beruflichen Bildung (EKOBB)”

In this partnership project the main aims were to build a network for structural co-operation between the educations “Retail Trade” of the partner institutions, exchanges of teachers and pupils and the realization of a tri certification in Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands.


Stichting Europese Beroepsopleidingen (EB-Stichting), Stolberg, Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium (contractor).
Zentrum für Aus- und Weiterbildung des Mittelstandes (ZAWM), Eupen, Belgium
ROC Leeuwenborgh, Maastricht and Sittard-Geleen, the Netherlands
Berufskolleg Herzogenrath, Herzogenrath, Germany
Berufskolleg Eschweiler, Eschweiler, Germany


Website:  http://www.weiterbildungonline.be/repository.php?ref_id=211&cmd=render

In this project the curricula of the partner regions Nederlands Limburg (Dutch Limburg), the Deutschsprache Gemeinschaft Belgien (German speaking Community Belgium) and regio Aachen have been compared concerning essential competences and testing methods. The result had to be the answer to the question if there is legal and content basis for a common Euregional exam. The comparison established a solid basis for a bi-diploma within the Deutschsprachige Gemeinschaft and regio Aachen and is officially recognized in Belgium by the IAWM and in Germany by the IHK – Aachen.

In a covenant are laid down the conditions for obtaining bi-diploma. The Dutch partner, represented by ROC Leeuwenborgh and KC Handel will come true with a certificate. A diploma is not possible, as the Dutch law requires a B2 language level. This level is not achievable for non-Dutch speakers.

A brochure for employers and social partners (and of course for students) explains the essential competences and the differences in detail.

Furthermore has the Deutschsprachige Gemeinschaft has made a structural proposal for a workshop concerning ‘windowdressing’ , including certification. This is required for appreciation of the Belgian diploma.

A further result of the project is the assembled a data-base of businesses in the Eurgio Maas – Rhein that are available for student training workplacement both for the dual and full-time system.

Connected to this has a euregional network been created for teachers and tutors in retailing. This simplifies the organization of student exchanges by collective visits to trade fairs and shopping centres and visits to de different school of the partners.

Work meeting november 2012 in Maastricht